WorldTour 2020-22 Team Points Ranking – Updated Daily

On this page, you will find the WorldTour 2020-22 ranking of teams’ UCI points, which is updated daily by Raúl Banqueri. The brilliant feature art will be continually updated and is produced by Louemans.

Please bookmark this page if you find it useful and need to refer to it often. An overview of the promotion and relegation system of cycling can be found in this article.

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Triennium Ranking

The following graph represents the points earned by the top 22 teams in the world in the current WorldTeam licensing cycle, from 2020 to 2022. The 18 teams with the most points at the end of the 2022 season will earn WorldTeam licences for the next cycle, from 2023 to 2025.

2023 Wildcard Ranking

The relegated teams will have the opportunity to obtain one of the two automatic invitations to the 2023 WorldTour races. These invitations are awarded on the basis of the 2022 annual ranking and are competed for by the ProTeams against the relegated WorldTour teams. The following daily updated graph shows the status of this battle, adding also the points of the teams at risk of relegation.

Useful Resources

To give you an idea of the size of the differences in UCI points, we also show you the UCI points scale in the table below. We recommend you to download it in high resolution from here.

We also share the UCI calendar for the second half of the season. You can download it in high resolution from here.

Every two weeks, we analyse the performance of the teams involved in the WorldTour relegation battle in an extensive article. Below, you can find all our latest work:

  1. Nice idea to do this. I was always biting my nails while waiting every 14 days for a new article and thinking about the influence of 8th place at 1.1 race for some teams. Now I will have it on a daily basis. Thanks!

  2. Hello Raul!
    I saw in the UCI ranking that there is a CT team (Bolton Equities Black Spoke Pro Cycling) with almost the same points as Uno-X and EF. In case this team gets the points it needs for the wildcards for the end of the year (which looks difficult tbh) could this team get the wildcard or should it be a pro team for that?

    PD: Thanks for your work!

    1. I am not sure, but perhaps this is because they have not taken into account some sanctions.

      1. Thanks for your reply. I have a suggestion. Maybe add the last update date/hours on your chart, so we know which last results are included. Now it says, it is updated daily, but I know from experience that a daily update is very hard. So in my opinion, this would help the readers to analyse things. Thank you. Krist.

  3. Hola raul estaria bien que nos explicaras, cuantos puntos dan cada carrera cada etapa de grandes vueltas y como las clasifican, como se reparten los puntos y todo eso. Gran trabajo te sigo escuchando acdp

    1. Ey David! En la tabla debajo de donde pone Useful Resources está detallado cuánto puntúa cada categoría de carrera. Muchas gracias por el mensaje.

  4. excellent work and ressource!
    israel premier tech were 12466.6 pts.
    You update win in tdf. 120 and 5 points more .
    But they got third place as well so it would be updated with 120+25 added
    tnx for ressource

  5. Hi just wondering if indeed all standings have been updated to 22/07/2022? From your table of UCI standings I would have thought Israel Premier Tech would now be just over 16,000 after three 3rds and a stage win by Houle at TDF yet you still have them Less than 13,000.

  6. Yes yes, they are up to date. A stage victory in the Tour de France only gives 120 UCI points.

  7. As a bike exchange fan Im sweating on ‘relegation’ and this is a great/terrible resource. Great because its up to date and i can see we are staying up for the time being – terrible because its up to date, its still really tight and Im checking daily.
    A decent vuelta and this could be ok.

  8. Are you sure the amount of points of Lotto-Soudal is right? Based on the chart, I would think they earned 300 points in the Circuit Franco-Belge.

  9. Hello, i’m not sure for total énergie UCI points this sunday. After Artic race and polynormande, they took a lot of points not 15 points.
    Tuesday, they were 9015 points
    Please explain

      1. Yes you’re right for tuesday evening 8915 points.
        But on wednesday, with van gestel and Simon on Eurometropole tour ( circuit franco belge) 150 +60 points , on tour de l’Ain friday 3 points with Ourselin, on Artic race, Burgeaudeau 5 points on the 1st stage, Boasson hagen 5 points 2nd stage, Burgeaudeau 2 points 4th stage +ending classification Burgeaudeau 30 points et Boasson hagen 5 points,
        For the polynormande on sunday, Turgis 70 points , Simon 30 points, and Dujardin 15 points.
        After all, it can’t be 9030 points
        What do you think?

    1. This is because not all the riders of the teams count, but only the 10 riders with the most points from each team.

  10. Would be nice if the “Updated on…” caption also included name of the last race (or last few races) added into calculations. At the moment I am quite sure that calculations include Vuelta GC (clearly visible by result of Movistar), but only can guess that Montreal is in as well.

    1. En breves se publicará el reportaje final de la temporada y ahí van a venir desglosados los puntos de cada equipo temporada a temporada.

  11. Hello and happy new year!
    the cycling season has just started with the tour down under and the tour de san Juan.
    from what date will we find the UCI rankings over the races?
    thank you and congratulations for the work last year!

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